Hi, I'm Steve. I've been into photography for many years now and recently decided to turn professional. Why? I love photography. To be able to capture memories that can be revisited time and time again and continue to delight for a lifetime is very special to me.


My passion for wedding photography comes from many places. Every year on our anniversary my wife and I'll will look through our wedding album and remember our special day through the photos we have. Since that special day almost 10 years ago our family has grown and we now have 2 beautiful (if slightly bonkers) children, and they fuel my passion for photography every day as I continue to document our family life.


It is a special privilege for me as a photographer to be part of the journey my clients take together, and to be able to give them photos that bring back such wonderful memories of the day when they became man and wife.


Different photographers have different styles. Mine was recently described to me as 'light-hearted and fun' and 'a pleasing mixture of contemporary and traditional'. I prefer natural looking photos with minimal processing which better reflect the moment it was taken. This means that I prefer to keep posing to a minimum, capturing natural moments as they happen and allowing you and your guests to enjoy your day with minimal interruption. This is often described as 'documentary' or 'candid', but in truth my style differs in that I'll sometimes give directions in order to obtain a semi-posed photo.


My approach is relaxed and informal yet attentive to the individuality of you and your wedding. I want my photos to be honest and truthful and to tell the story of your day as it happens, so that you can look back at them in year to come and remember the love and joy of your special day.


Please feel free to get in touch to have a chat!